What we do

Making your vision a reality

Shift Transit offers cities a unique one-stop shop solution with turnkey, end-to-end solutions for your shared mobility needs.

Station Citing and System Design

Equipment & Software

Maintenance, Rebalancing & Fleet Management

Staffing and Training


Marketing and Community Engagement

Customer Service

Shift Transit partners with top of the line planning and design firms to ensure optimization of transit network, safety and use.

Our exclusive partnership with PBSC allows us to provide world class hardware and software solutions that serve as the bike share backbone.

We provide maintenance for stations and bicycles and rebalancing operations to ensure that both bicycles and docks are available for customers as often as possible.

We have had tremendous success partnering with local employment agencies and skills programs to create new jobs for members of the local community.

We are committed to ensuring everyone has access to our bike share systems by providing flexible payment methods and developing new and creative programs.

We provide a full suite of marketing services that includes,

  • Sponsorship procurement
  • Membership generation
  • Website and brand development
  • Social media

We consider the customer experience to be our top priority. Our staff and partners have a long track record of delivering on this promise.

Shift transit offering

Equiqment Procurement
Equiqment Installation
Member Sercices and Care
Site Planning and Implementation
Community Outreach
Insurance and Claim Administration
Station Maintenance
Hiring and Managing of Staff
Staffed Valet Service
Development of Training Documentation
Financial Planning
Website Development
Expansion Planning
Technology Development and Integration