Microtransit Operation Leaders

Background on Microtransit

Microtransit’s popularity has surged in the last few years, enabling those communities that lack public transit to provide transportation services to those who need it most – late night service workers, disabled members of the community, and those without access to a car.

Passengers are able to book a ride in advance via phone or on an app and are picked up in area adjacent to where they live and/or work. They are then transported to a location near their final destination, alongside other riders who are headed towards a similar destination.

Maintenance and Repair Experts

Shift Transit has experience overseeing and managing all of the repair and body work for Via, one of the premiere microtransit companies in the world. In addition, we helped establish their vehicle maintenance schedule, standard inspection template, and preventative maintenance checklists. To date, we have secured a 99% vehicle availability rate at their Green Bay location, with a 1-day average turn-around time for vehicles in need of repair.

Vehicle Types

Shift Transit has experience maintaining and repairing several different types of microtransit vehicles including the Mercedes Metris, Ford Transit, and Ford E-Series.

We have staff on hand that have years of repair experience servicing mid to larger size cargo vans and are extremely flexible in accommodating your fleet supply and needs

Community Impact

Shift Transit’s work in conjunction with Via Green Bay helps the city’s neediest members of the community get to critical events and places including health care appointments, the grocery store, and visit family and friends. We enable mobility freedom for those who need it the most and provide a vital lifeline.

Green Bay Paratransit and Microtransit Programs

In the midst of the COVD-19 pandemic, Shift was tasked with overseeing all operational aspects of Via’s Green Bay paratransit program, managing a fleet of Ford E-Series and Transit vans. Shift is responsible for all vehicle inspections, preventative maintenance, repair work, facility management, and program reports.

In August 2020, as a result of its operational excellence, Shift Transit expanded its responsibilities to include the city’s new microtransit program and will be responsible for all operational management of this additional service.

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