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Who We Are

Founded in 2015, Shift Transit is the leading mobility operations company, offering clients a robust suite of services.

Shift manages all facets of mobility programs, including launch planning and asset deployment, fleet management, marketing and sales, and government relations. Shift Transit’s versatility in mobility operations is unmatched, with experience managing scooter sharing, bikesharing, carsharing, and microtransit programs throughout North America. 

Shift Transit has quickly become one of the most agile and respected mobility management firms in the industry, with more than 60,000 mobility assets under management. In 2023 alone, customers took close to 8 million trips using Shift Transit platforms.

Our Philosophy

Shift Transit is riding at the forefront of a movement; a movement towards a more efficient, sustainable and active way to navigate our cities. As the leading provider in mobility operations and management in North America, success depends on all of us – the leaders of the movement – to inspire our communities and to represent the building blocks that make up the Shift Transit family.

Trust, Respect & Loyalty

We are committed to driving success through smart choices, sharing expertise and reciprocating the utmost respect. We are loyal to our team members and trust that we’ve got each other’s backs no matter what.

Passion & Commitment

Our team is committed to building the most successful mobility services in North America. This mission cannot be achieved without 100% belief that we are the leaders of this movement towards a more sustainable, efficient and active means of transportation. Pure passion is what will fuel the ride to achieve our mission.

Humility & Openness

We are a movement that is positively transforming the operating rhythm of a city. We remain humble and genuinely open to candid feedback that will aid in our commitment to enhance the communities we serve.


There is something infectious about a genuine smile. We are committed to staying positive, always finding that silver lining and coming together as a team to create a better outcome, no matter what it takes.

What Drives Us

Shift Transit was created to provide best-in-class operations and management solutions for emerging mobility providers. Led by an executive team with decades of experience in managing globally-recognized mobility programs, Shift Transit’s ultimate mission is to provide its clients with exceptional service, allowing them to focus on building their businesses to scale and profitability.

Deliver World Class Customer Experience

We are committed to delivering a world class customer experience through flawless execution, attention to detail, community engagement, cycling advocacy, sustainable mobility systems and serving our customers at the highest level. We are focused on solution-based problem solving and delivery.

Get It Done & Have Fun Doing It

We are here to execute our commitment and to achieve success. We are here because we are passionate about the mission and the potential of this movement. Most importantly, we are here because we love what we do, and without a doubt, we are committed to having fun while doing it!

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