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The Value in Partnering with Shift

Shift Transit oversaw the launch of the MoGo Detroit bikesharing program in May 2017, featuring 43 stations and 430 bikes.

As part of its responsibilities, the Detroit team oversees day-to-day operations, including pedal and e-bike maintenance and repair, rebalancing, cleaning, station siting, and customer care.

Throughout the course of operating the program, Shift has consistently ensured:
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of Bikes in the Fleet are in Service on a Daily Basis
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of the Fleet is Rebalanced Every Day
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of the Time, Stations are Either Empty or Full

As a result of the program and Shift’s success, the service expanded into 5 additional neighboring cities in June 2020 and increased the system’s footprint by 70%.

In addition to this latest expansion, the program continues to thrive, with usage increasing by 26% Y-o-Y between January – June 2020.

Shift Transit has been integral to the success of the MoGo program over the course of the last several years. Their flexibility, responsiveness, and emphasis on collaboration are truly appreciated, and we look forward to continue working with them to scale MoGo to new heights.

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