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Shift Transit was founded as a bikesharing operations company and has quickly become the leading bikeshare operator in North America. Shift Transit oversees all operational aspects of bikeshare systems, including site planning, station and bike deployment, bike maintenance, fleet rebalancing, marketing and sales, and customer service. We currently manage 35,000+ docks, 26,000+ bikes, 3,000+ stations and 2,000 scooters.

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Shift Transit took over the day-to-day management of the Bike Share Toronto program in April 2017

Since then, the program has expanded multiple times in the last six years, with the system footprint (stations) expanding by more than 240% to date. Ridership continues to grow exponentially year-over-year. The introduction of e-bikes in 2019 has also positively impacted ridership, customer experience and program growth. To keep up with the pace of demand, our team now includes 120+ employees.

Toronto – 2017-2023

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Footprint Expansion
0 %
Increase in Number of Bikes
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Largest Bikeshare In North America
Bike Stations
0 %
Growth in Annual Memberships

Detroit – 2017-2023

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Footprint Expansion
Additional City Areas
In Detroit, Shift Transit oversaw the launch of the MoGo bikeshare program in April 2017

Since then, the program has expanded its footprint by 70% and into five new Detroit-area cities. In addition, the program features 100 e-bikes, which account for more than 30% of all trips, even though they make up less than 10% of the fleet.

Decades of Executive Leadership

Shift Transit’s executives have more than 30 years of experience operating large-scale bikeshare programs in major N.A. cities, including NYC, Chicago, Washington, DC, Boston, and Toronto. Our CEO was the inaugural General Manager for the Divvy program in Chicago and also served as the COO for the largest bikesharing company in the country.

We know what it takes to successfully operate and scale bikeshare programs across the country. Our experience in the industry is unmatched and we look forward to leveraging this collective expertise to help support your bikesharing service!

Turnkey Operations

Shift Transit offers a complete 360 degree solution for your bikesharing needs. From system siting, to fleet management, to marketing and customer service, Shift Transit provides an all-encompassing turnkey product offering for its bikesharing clients.

Customized to Fit Your Brand

Shift Transit is extremely flexible and accommodating in achieving the best results for our clients. We offer a la carte solutions for all of your bikesharing needs, including government relations services, operations consulting, fleet management, marketing & sales, and customer service.

Our bikeshare clients range widely in size and scale and we know that each system is uniquely different, resulting in a different approach for each of our clients. It’s why we’ve been trusted to operate systems from Tucson to Toronto.

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Toronto Case Study

In April 2017, Shift Transit took over the 200 station and 2,000 bike Bike Share Toronto system.

Shift Transit replaced the system’s previous operator with less than 60 days to prepare and did so without any disruptions in service. The team flawlessly executed a 300-point transition plan to prepare for the service takeover.

We hired 3X the number of existing staff, procured new vehicles for bike deployment and rebalancing, transitioned to a new call center, and overhauled the marketing strategy.

Today, Bike Share Toronto is one of the largest bikesharing program in North America and continues to break ridership and membership records!

In three years with Shift Transit at the helm, the system has shattered all previous location records, including:


288% growth in annual memberships between 2017 – 2023


260% growth in usage between 2017-2023

System Size

Increased from 200 stations and 2,000 bikes to 690 stations and 8,250 bikes

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