Experienced Car Share Operators

Shift Transit’s executive team has years of experience launching and managing carsharing programs across North America, including New York, Chicago, Montreal, Washington, DC, and Austin, Texas.

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Years of Expertise Leading Large-Scale Carsharing Services

We have worked with city officials across the country to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals to launch multiple carsharing programs, seamlessly prepared on-time launches of several hundred vehicles, and flawlessly managed program operations, driving rental and revenue opportunities for several different clients.

Launch Experts

Shift Transit has robust experience launching entirely new carsharing markets, as well as transitioning business units from previous vendors. 

In Chicago, we prepared 400 vehicles for an on-time client launch with less than 6 weeks to prepare. Shift Transit was responsible for hiring more than 20+ staff members, installing vehicle hardware, cleaning, fueling, and deploying the entire fleet the night before service commencement.

Keeping Vehicles on the Road When and Where You Need Them

Shift Transit understands how important it is to have vehicles available and in the right places for client use.

That’s why we’ve worked hard to ensure a 95% vehicle availability rate for all clients in all of our carsharing markets and worked hand-in-hand with our partners to determine the best vehicle positioning based on the day-of-week and time-of-day.

Shift Transit offers carsharing clients an extensive suite of services to maximize revenue potential, including:
  • Vehicle Cleaning
  • Vehicle Refueling
  • Vehicle Relocations
  • Vehicle Infleeting and Defleeting
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Vehicle Retrieval
  • Citation Mitigation Planning and Strategy
Shift Transit has a robust record of accomplishment steering carsharing programs in NA:
  • Prepping hundreds of vehicles for customer use in multiple markets across North America
  • Ensuring 95%+ fleet availability rate in all of our markets
  • Exceeding all optimization KPIs to ensure greater revenue potential and opportunities
  • Saving clients hundreds of thousands in savings from our citation mitigation program
Vehicles Cleaned, Maintained and Inspected Prior to Launch
0 +
Staff Hired and Trained Prior to Launch
0 hrs
Time to Deploy All Vehicles for Launch

car2go Chicago Case Study

In preparation for car2go’s first launch in more than three years, Shift Transit successfully completed the following activities:

  • Cleaned, maintained, and inspected all 400 vehicles prior to launch
  • Hired and trained 20+ staff members prior to launch
  • Deployed all vehicles on street for launch in less than 36 hours

In the 17 months we oversaw day-to-day operations of the Chicago fleet, Shift Transit consistently met or exceeded all its contractual obligations:

  • Surpassing both vehicle inspection and relocation KPIs
  • Maintaining above-average fuel levels across the fleet
  • Implementing a citation prevention and mitigation program resulting in the relocation of 2,000 vehicles that would have received a ticket. This effort led to at least 100k in savings for car2go

As a result of our success in Chicago, Shift Transit was selected to operate car2go’s Austin location just nine months later after launching in the Windy City

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