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Shift Transit is able to leverage its years of experience managing large-scale mobility programs to help other systems, clients, and programs reach their full potential. We offer a robust team of operations experts who can help aggregate, analyze, and recommend critical action items and steps to help you achieve your vision for your mobility service or program.

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Creating a Service Area

Analyze land use, census, and mode-share data to help determine the ideal Service Area for the launch of a new mobility service, as well as potential expansion opportunities post-launch.

Operational Optimization

Examine usage trends and historical trip data to improve the operational efficiency of a mobility service, including optimization of asset relocations for ideal supply/demand balance

Conduct feasibility studies for potential system expansion and/or reorganization strategic partnerships) to develop and grow mobility businesses.

Community Feedback

Create community engagement surveys to measure level of support for system expansion into new communities and neighborhoods.

WE-Cycle Case Study

In March 2019, Shift Transit was hired by the WE-Cycle bikeshare system in Aspen-Basalt, Colorado to conduct a system-wide performance analysis. The purpose of the study was three-fold:
  • Determine which stations had the most rebalancing challenges;
  • Determine which stations were the best candidates to expand in an attempt to reduce re-balancing pressures;
  • Determine which stations were in need of contraction to help reduce rebalancing pressures

Our consulting team conducted a comprehensive analysis examining ridership trends, rebalancing movements, an origin-destination analysis, and historical instances of full or empty stations. Using several analytics platforms, the team was able to quickly identify the stations best-suited for expansion or contraction. These particular stations were then isolated for a more detailed analysis.

Overall, the analysis produced several options for stations that we recommended expanding or contracting to help optimize and streamline system operations. Ultimately, the WE-Cycle team used the results of our analysis to order new station docks, re-organize existing dock placements, and shift under-performing stations to new locations.

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