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Shift Transit has an extensive record of success spearheading all facets of a mobility company’s government relations efforts

Our Suite of Offerings

Vast Experience

We have years of experience working with government regulators across North America to obtain the necessary legislative approvals to launch various mobility services, including New York, Chicago, Washington, DC and Montreal.

Stakeholder Mapping

To start, Shift creates stakeholder mapping documents, identifying critical political, transportation, business, and community leaders whose approval is vital for a service launch. We then facilitate meetings with these individuals and groups to educate them about the service and its benefits.

Presentation Assistance

In order to ensure the appropriate and most advantageous content is covered during these meetings, we help draft key strategic talking points and presentations to advocate on your behalf.

Draft Blueprint Agreements

We have years of experience crafting and executing blueprint agreements with city and state legislators that are essential for operating your service in a new business unit.



We have lobbied various City Council members and Mayor’s Office officials in order to secure necessary legislative approvals for a service launch.

Government Relations Use Case

Shift Transit has worked with a number of mobility companies to ensure their ability to operate across North America.

As a direct result of this record of success, Shift Transit was contracted by an automotive company to spearhead its GR efforts for a potential point-to-point carsharing launch. In the course of securing the City’s approval, Shift Transit executed the following:

  • Created a stakeholder mapping document, identifying the most critical city leaders whose approval was vital for a service launch.
  • Drafted multiple one-pagers and presentations regarding the benefits of this potential service for dissemination to city, community, and political groups and organizations
  • Created a blueprint agreement for free-floating carsharing in the target city

As a result of our work, we were able to quickly secure the support from the necessary city stakeholders in order to launch the service

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