Shift Transit Oversees Bike Chattanooga’s Record-Breaking Success

Shift Transit Oversees Bike Chattanooga's Record Breaking Success

Bike Chattanooga Bikeshare Program Thrives Amidst COVID-19

Announces New Member Referral Program for Month of October


Chicago, IL, October 13, 2020 — Today, Shift Transit, a leading mobility operations company and day-to-day operator of the Bike Chattanooga bikeshare program, announced it was spearheading a new member referral program for the Bike Chattanooga bikeshare program. The launch of this campaign coincides with record-breaking ridership and membership gains for the 8-year-old bikesharing service.

For the month of October, for each newly purchased Bike Chattanooga pass or membership on the PBSC/CycleFinder app, the pass holder will receive a unique code to refer a friend to try bikeshare with a free daily pass. A daily pass, valued at $8, gives riders unlimited 60-minute, station-to-station trips for a 24-hour period. The referral program is being launched at a time when bikesharing has become recognized as a great way to remain active and commute on one’s own terms in the midst of COVID-19, while also being able to maintain social distancing.

Since March, the Bike Chattanooga program has remained open, accessible, and safe for all to use. The service has distributed more than 200 free annual memberships to frontline workers, while seeing a 62% usage increase in stations adjacent to medial facilities between April – September. In addition, between January – September, the service has broken a number of system records including:

  • 62% Y-o-Y increase in the number of subscriptions sold
  • 27% Y-o-Y increase in ridership
  • 27% Y-o-Y increase in miles travelled

“We are thrilled to see the record-breaking success of the Bike Chattanooga program in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Ben Taylor, Director of Transportation Operations for the City of Chattanooga. “It’s clear that Chattanooga residents and visitors have come to rely on the program as a vital transportation lifeline and we are grateful to be able to partner with Shift Transit to safely provide this service.”

A significant source of these gains has been the service’s 55 electric bikes. With e-bike sales surging across the country, Bike Chattanooga has also benefitted from the growing interest in electric transport. To date, the Bike Chattanooga e-bike fleet has seen a 97% increase in usage Y-o-Y, representing 36% of all system trips.

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