Shift Transit selected to operate Bike Chattanooga Transit System 

November 1, 2017

The rapid, affordable, and sustainable bike share system reaches Tennessee

Shift Transit is proud to announce that our bike sharing operations are expanding to Tennessee’s, Bike Chattanooga. Shift was selected through a formal competitive bid process, via the city of Chattanooga. Starting 11/1/2017, this vibrant sustainable transit company will operate and upkeep the 24/7, 365 day bike sharing system.  Chattanooga, Tennessee is the fourth system Shift operates in North America. The Chattanooga operations team will now manage and oversee 341 bicycles, 4 Fit bicycles, and 38 docking stations. Ever since the 2012 launch of Bike Chattanooga, PBSC Urban Solutions has been the equipment provider of the bicycles and docking stations. Any new stations and bikes that will be deployed and updated in the coming months are provided by PBSC. Shift will oversee and manage all customer service, marketing, outreach, sponsorships, partnerships, technology enhancement, sustainable responsibility, and more.

The Bike Chattanooga system provides short-term bike rentals through a network of wireless, solar-powered, kiosks located throughout the city. Access to multiple styles of packages will help customers purchase a plan that suits their daily, weekly, and monthly travel needs. The various affordable memberships Chattanooga riders can choose from will be; annual, conference specific, corporate, community focused, 3 days, and 24 hours.  Shift Transit CEO, and seasoned bike share operations executive Edward Inlow says “ Chattanooga, Tennessee has always been on the cutting edge of urban technology, including their early adoption of bike share over six years ago. We could not be more pleased to partner with the City of Chattanooga to continue to operate and improve their bike share program for years to come”