Shift Transit 2018: A Year in Review, Leaders in Mobility Operations

February 26, 2019

2018 was a year of tremendous growth, but does it hold a torch against what’s to come in 2019?

Last year, Shift Transit grew our footprint from 4 to 7 locations and expanded mobility operations into carsharing.

Recent innovations in mobility have transformed the way we move around our cities, improving our quality of life, reducing congestion and creating affordable, convenient alternatives to vehicle ownership. Shift Transit has been at the forefront of this movement, earning a well-deserved reputation as driven, results-oriented operators of mobility systems, as well as trusted and respected city partners. That said, the beginning of 2018 looked a lot different than the end of the year, thanks to many areas of advancement.

2018 was a major year of growth for Shift Transit’s bike share locations in Toronto, Detroit, Chattanooga, and Tucson. On the expansion front, in November, Shift was awarded the ArborBike contract to re-launch bike share operations in Ann Arbor, Michigan in Spring of 2019.

In July 2018, Shift expanded its core base of operations to include carsharing, supporting the launch of the Chicago free-floating carshare program in July 2018. The program saw immediate success, with car2go acquiring more than 10,000 members less than three months after starting service.


It was a busy year, here are a few highlights…


Another year, another successful system expansion for Bike Share Toronto. The system now spans 75 square kilometers and serves over 40 neighborhoods across the city with 3,750 bikes and 360 stations. Shift Transit transitioned to Operators of the Bike Share Toronto program in April 2017 and since assuming control, has overseen significant growth in the total number of bikes and stations offered to users. Since 2017, the system has grown by 1,750 bikes and 160 stations. With a peak season staff of almost 60 dedicated team members, this growth paved the way for record-breaking results, including:


  • 30% usage growth Y-o-Y;
  • 25% membership growth Y-o-Y;
  • 2 million total trips in 2018, with the previous yearly ridership record sitting at 1.5 million!


Bike Share Toronto system growth


In addition, with support from Mayor Tory, Toronto executed the Free Ride Wednesday series in partnership with CAA in June 2018. The event not only resulted in the year’s single highest usage day  (13,928 trips), but also led to the most trips in a single day in the program’s history!

Giving back is also something near and dear to the Toronto Team’s heart. Engaging with the community and lending a helping had where we can, makes all the difference in our minds! #teamwork



Shift Transit has been riding alongside our Detroit city partner since program launch in May of 2017. From the beginning, MoGo’s Mission has been “To deliver an active transit system of on-demand bikes to serve a wide range of people and needs.” As of September 30, 2018, the Detroit team delivered just that. The program logged 237,000+ trips resulting from almost 150,000 passes and memberships sold; an encouraging 19% of all MoGo memberships sold were represented by the $5 MoGo-For-All access pass.

While 2017 was a foundation year, 2018 was a great year of program growth and diversity with the launch of two very receptive and successful pilot programs, driven by the MoGo Team: The Adaptive MoGo and the DDOTxMoGo pass. The Adaptive MoGo program drew national interest with The New York Times highlighting Adaptive MoGo as a program that “began in Detroit in May that makes bike-sharing more accessible to people with disabilities”. With a strong start driving 174 rides in its first season, the MoGo team is optimistic of the program’s future success.

Due to the system’s rapid growth, planning is already to expand the scope and size of the service. Shift Transit looks forward to helping support MoGo’s expansion plans in 2019 and beyond. For more details on key service highlights in 2018, check out MoGo’s here.



E-bike, e-bike, e-bikes…2018 was an exciting year for Bike Chattanooga, as we launched the BOOST e-bike pilot program in July, featuring 20 e-bikes for use. This was the first time PBSC e-bikes were offered to customers and the response was overwhelmingly positive!

The BOOST e-bikes were used 4x more than regular pedal bikes. We see this as a clear indication that the community is quickly embracing the new additions.


Bike Chattanooga 2018 stats


With the change in 2018 as a foundation for the future, it’s looking bright in Chattanooga! Many riders have great things to say highlighted in this 2018 Bike Chattanooga feature.



The end of 2018 marked 13 months of operation for Tugo Bike Share in Tucson. Thousands of Tucsonians and visitors have embraced the program since its inception. In 2018, more than 30,000 trips were taken system-wide.

In November 2018, we celebrated Tugo’s One Year Anniversary with the support of our sponsors and community partners. The milestone also brought two new passes for Tugo users: A One-Way trip and the Explorer Pass. The Explorer Pass allows users to ride for up to 3 hours before having to check into a station.

With a quick and successful rate of adoption among residents, visitors and community partners in 2018, we anticipate even more growth in 2019!


Ann Arbor

After a busy 2018, the team was beyond thrilled to welcome ArborBike to the Shift Transit Family! The Ann Arbor, Michigan bike share program will be taking to the streets for a re-launch in Spring 2019 with around 13 stations and 125 bikes to start.



In July 2018, car2go launched its free-floating carshare program in Chicago, offering members access to 400 smart and Mercedes vehicles.  Upon conclusion of a competitive process, Shift was selected as the operation and maintenance vendor by car2go, responsible for vehicle cleaning, fueling, relocation and minor maintenance. This marked the first time Shift would oversee a mobility system outside of bike share and a sign of its flexibility, nimbleness and ambition to be the tip-of-the-spear in different mobility verticals. The service got off to a successful start, with more than 10,000 members in less than 3 months, while maintaining an average of 98% of the fleet in ‘ready to rent’ status for its members. And in another sign of its commitment to the local communities it serves, 98% of its employees resided in the City of Chicago.


car2go White GLA



On March 1, 2019, Shift Transit assumed operational control of the Austin carshare program, managing a fleet of 300+ vehicles. This marks the second partnership between Shift and car2go in a span of a year. Shift is extremely excited to help support car2go in the city where it first launched operations more than ten years ago.


Let’s ride, 2019!

-The Shift Transit Team