Bike Chattanooga introduces more e-bikes!

August 2, 2019

Chattanooga continues to embrace technology in bikesharing


In 2018, Bike Chattanooga piloted e-bikes which were an immediate success with great rider adoption. Having just marked its 7th year in operation,  Bike Chattanooga is celebrating by adding another e-station and 47 new e-bikes to the mixed fleet. By welcoming 30 e-FIT and 17 more BOOST e-bikes, this year’s expansion will now have the program running at 400 bikes across 42 stations.


Tatum Park e-Station


Ridership continues to be strong with changing usage patterns. Since the first e-bikes hit the streets last summer, ridership has offset over 3,900 lbs of carbon in this short time. In the last 12 months, over 16,000 passes have been sold which undeniably illustrates the positive impact of bikesharing in Chattanooga.


On average, e-bikes are seeing more trips per day than pedal bikes

Average trip duration of pedal and e-bikes


To continue to drive new users to try bikesharing, this summer locals and visitors alike have the opportunity to explore the city for FREE on two wheels. June through August, Bike Chattanooga will offer a Free Ride Wednesday Summer Series across 13 Wednesdays. All 24-hour pass purchases are FREE and include unlimited 60-minute station-to-station trips while the pass is active.

With initial metrics pointing to a successful Free Ride Wednesday Summer Series initiative, Bike Chattanooga continues to propel to new heights on the bikesharing front.