ebikes piloting in Chattanooga

July 27, 2018


The BOOST ebikes are *officially* riding the streets of Chattanooga!


The Chattanooga Community is excited as Mayor Andy Berke helped us welcome the BOOST ebike program to the Bike Chattanooga system. Thank you to everyone who participated and attended the event on August 1 at Miller Plaza.


A big milestone for things to come! Watch the quick 1:26 clip from the local news:



More BOOST ebike Launch Day pictures:


BOOST ebike launch August 1   BOOST ebike Launch August 1   BOOST ebike Launch August 1


BOOST ebike Launch August 1   BOOST ebike Launch August 1   BOOST ebike Launch August 1




Give your ride a BOOST: Introducing ebikes to the Bike Chattanooga system


Things are gearing up in Chattanooga! Shift Transit, together with partner PBSC Urban Solutions, appreciates Chattanooga’s forward thinking technology landscape. While the city is known as “Gig City” by many for their lightning fast internet and for embracing technology as a whole, Chattanooga also delivers beautiful topography, including hills that will put our BOOST ebikes to the test in a good way.BOOST ebikes joining Bike Chattanooga

Chattanooga residents have embraced the program, which proves the community is embracing riding. As we celebrate the 6th anniversary of Bike Chattanooga, the bikes have gone the distance to get to the present day system:


  • 41 Stations
  • 307,000 Trips Taken
  • 1,285,366 Miles Traveled
  • 3,951 Annual Members
  • 117,876 Casual Members
  • 55,270,732 Calories Burned


The NEW electronic pedal-assist technology on the BOOST ebikes break all barriers to biking. Your first impression when climbing on an ebike will be the sensation of a magical BOOST. With its smart riding, intuitive technology, the ebike will detect how much electronic boost each unique rider needs or wants and adjusts accordingly to deliver a smooth, easy riding experience. With a maximum speed of 15 miles/hr, the BOOST ebike will propel you through your ride.


BOOST ebikes in Chattanooga


Together with a comfortable ride experience, BOOST ebike battery life will get you to and from your destination without a worry. Each bike is built to trip upwards of 35 miles on one charge, which means a plethora of cycles around the city you can depend on.


Not heading near an E-station? No problem! Dock anywhere, anytime and let Bike Chattanooga ensure all bikes are charged for your use. Learn more about the BOOST ebikes here.


e-station in Chattanooga


Worried about commuting and not arriving in a sweaty frenzy? Let BOOST keep your cool.

Looking for a smooth, EASY ride, up hills and around town? Let BOOST get you there.

Want to go further, faster via bike? Let BOOST be your ride.



Get out there and give your ride a BOOST!


$15 – 3-DAY PASS


Learn More



Bike Chattanooga, alongside its partners and guests, will celebrate on August 1, 2018 at The Pavilion at Miller Plaza, followed by a FREE RIDE WEDNESDAY throughout the whole Bike Chattanooga System.


FREE RIDE WEDNESDAY for Bike Chattanooga