A successful 2017 for Shift Transit

May 16, 2018

Paving the Way for a Climbing 2018


Shift Transit was born October 2015, laying the groundwork for a movement in transportation; a movement towards a more efficient, sustainable and active way to get around our cities. Building the pillars to serve as a premiere mobility operator in North American is the Vision, while executing the Mission of engineering optimized mobility operations within each partner city alongside its world-renowned partner PBSC Urban Solutions, the leader in modular bike share systems.

2017 was a monumental year; a foundation for future growth. With ridership numbers jumping to surpass milestones, setting new record breaking ride days, Shift Transit is on target to reach new heights as Operators in 2018.


Bike Share Toronto under Shift Transit

On April 1, 2017, Shift Transit took over operations and marketing for 200 stations and 2000 bikes in Toronto, Canada.  Since assuming operations for Bike Share Toronto, the program experienced an 81% increase in ridership over 2016, alongside a 70% increase in membership sales. Our dedicated and growing team in Toronto is committed to serving the community and to deliver world class customer experiences. Onward and upward!

Bike Share Toronto


MoGo launches in Detroit

Shortly thereafter, Shift Transit successfully launched the Detroit bike share system on May 23, 2017, delivering 43 stations and 430 bikes. The program was an immediate success. Since inception, in 2017 Detroit rode more than 437,000 miles, and experienced more than 2,100 rides on its peak ridership day.

The launch of the ‘MoGo For All’ Access Pass has been a pillar in the community, breaking economical barriers to biking. With an adoption rate of over 17%, the program is already deemed a success in and it’s just in its early stages.

MoGo Bike Share


Toronto expands and introduces Free Ride Wednesday

With ridership steadily increasing month over month, July 2017 brought the exciting Free Ride Wednesday. With public support from the Mayor, Bike Share Toronto experienced record breaking days of 10,000+ rides!

The natural next step was the bike share system expansion in Toronto in August 2017. The Mayor held a press conference to share the exciting news that Torontonians will have 70 more stations dropped around the city for more accessibility of bikes. The stations were successfully installed on time to pave the way for a record breaking September 2017.


Bike Chattanooga transitions to Shift Transit operations

Riding on the already established successes in 2017, Shift Transit transitions as the new Operators in Chattanooga, Tennessee on November 1, 2017, taking over 300 bikes and 38 stations. Over 20,000 trips taken since Shift Transit took over Bike Chattanooga, which is only the start of a market full of potential.

Bike Chattanooga



Another city is born for Shift Transit – Tucson, Arizona

On November 17 2017, with the support of Mayor Rothschild, Shift Transit launched a bike share system in Tucson, Arizona called Tugo, introducing 330 bikes and 36 stations. With unwavering excitement, Tugo launched 6 weeks ahead of schedule and kicked off with long reaching local business support.

Tucson is another market that has seen a wild early adoption rate, upwards of 15%, of the Access Pass, extending the opportunity to bike to the entire community.

Grab a Tugo and Let’s Ride, Tucson!

Tugo Bike Share


Piloting e-bikes in Chattanooga

In June 2018 the Bike Chattanooga landscape will shift to include 3 e-stations and 15 e-bikes. The new BOOST e-bikes bring a fun, easy way to scoot around the city with electronic pedal-assist technology and intuitive smart riding, adapting the electronic assist to each user’s needs. The BOOST e-bikes can be docked at any Bike Chattanooga docking stations for convenience and accessibility.

As the pilot city, Chattanooga is the perfect partner for many reasons; Chattanooga’s technology forward thinking, being known as the “Gig City” for their lighting fast internet and embracing of technology, the great support from the city and community, and the beautiful topography that includes hills that will put the BOOST e-bikes to good test.



Shift Transit is proud to partner with PBSC Urban Solutions, to deliver urban mobility solutions across the globe; mobility solutions that are sustainable, easy to implement and rely on smart technologies. PBSC’s bike share systems are game changers, their bikes turn drivers into cyclists!

PBSC Urban Solutions

Through sustainable technology solutions for smart cities, PBSC is changing the world, one city at a time. As a leading global provider of bike sharing solutions and urban mobility pioneer, PBSC’s team develops, markets and operates – directly through its subsidiary operator, or indirectly through a global network of local partners – the most advanced and customizable urban solutions for smart cities. Recognized as a catalyst for social innovation, PBSC currently has three models of bicycles – ICONIC, FIT and BOOST (e-bike) – deployed around the world and continues to expand its global footprint of 60,000 bikes and 5000 stations – with more than 220 million rides so far!!

For more information, visit www.pbsc.com


With a solid 2017 for Shift Transit, passion and commitment will drive ongoing success as we grow service as a premiere mobility operator in North America.