Where We Do It

Shift Transit currently operates in five major cities across North America. With over 2 million rides complete in 2018, Shift Transit meets the demand of thousands of riders daily - delivering an excellent customer experience.

Cities: Chattanooga


Shift Transit operates Bike Chattanooga in Tennessee. The operations team manages over 340 bicycles and 41 stations. 

Our Cities: Detroit


Shift Transit launched the MoGo Bike Share program in Michigan in May, 2017 with over 43 stations and 430 bicycles. 

Our cities: Toronto


Shift Transit operates the Bike Share Toronto system in Ontario, Canada with over 1750 bikes, 360 stations, 50 employees and two facilities. 

Our cities: Tucson


Shift Transit launched the Tugo Bike Share program in Arizona in 2017 with over 36 stations and 330 bikes across 13 neighborhoods.