Carshare Operations

Driving force for global leader in carsharing

Shift Transit currently manages fleet operations in Chicago and Austin for car2go, the world’s largest car sharing company. In total, Shift Transit oversees 700 smart and Mercedes vehicles that are available to rent by car2go members 24/7/365. Shift Transit’s suit of services for carshare clients include:


Successful Launch Support

Vehicle Cleaning, Relocations & Management

Local Management Acumen

Turnkey Solutions

Leading Technology

Experienced Management

Collaborative Solutions

In collaboration with members of the car2go team, Shift Transit helped support a successful, on-time rollout of 400 car2go vehicles on the streets of Chicago. Shift Transit’s responsibilities included installing vehicle hardware and software, fueling and cleaning vehicles, minor maintenance work and vehicle relocations. Shift was able to quickly build-out a storage and maintenance facility in the heart of Chicago, in which a significant amount of pre-launch vehicle work was performed.

Leveraging its vast experience in the bikeshare world, Shift is applying its institutional knowledge and know-how to vehicle asset management. Shift is responsible for all vehicle cleanings, relocations and minor maintenance work, ensuring vehicles are safe, clean and reliable for car2go members. To date, Shift has maintained a fleet availability rate of 98%, one of the highest marks in North America.

Shift has been able to provide exemplary service to its client in large part because our workforce is home-grown. 98% of Shift Transit’s employees reside in the City of Chicago, providing a wealth of on-the-ground knowledge to help support our operations and maximize usage opportunities for car2go members.

Shift Transit offers bikeshare clients a unique one-stop shop solution with turnkey delivery, including bikes, stations, software, station citing and planning, marketing, sponsorship procurement, and 24/7, 365 days/year system management.

Shift Transit’s bikeshare systems feature software, hardware and bikes from PBSC Urban Solutions – the bike sharing company behind successful programs in Chicago, London, Boston, Columbus, and over 30 cities worldwide!

Shift’s CEO, Eddie Inlow, is the former COO of the country’s largest bikeshare company with systems in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco. Eddie had direct oversight over the company’s operations and 600+ employees. In addition, Shift Transit’s Head of Business Development and Strategy, Josh Moskowitz, formerly oversaw the renowned Washington, DC region Capital Bikeshare system, the third-largest bikeshare system in the country. In sum, we know bikeshare.

At Shift Transit, our primary motivator is enabling and ensuring client success. We are collaborators – from the time a bid is awarded, through program launch– working diligently to ensure we execute on the vision laid out by our clients.