About Us

Founded in 2015, Shift Transit is a leading mobility operations company, offering clients a robust suite of services. From operating all facets of bikeshare systems (including station site planning, station and bike deployment and maintenance, fleet rebalancing, marketing and sales) to managing carsharing fleets, Shift Transit has quickly become one of the most agile and respected mobility management firms in the field. Shift Transit has 110 employees in seven offices across North America and currently powers bikesharing systems in Toronto, Detroit, Chattanooga, Tucson, and Ann Arbor and carsharing services in Chicago and Austin. In 2019 alone, customers took over 3 million trips using Shift Transit platforms.

Our Mission

Shift Transit was created to provide best-in-class operations and management services for emerging mobility providers. Led by an executive team with decades of experience in overseeing globally - recognized and renowned bikesharing and carsharing services, Shift Transit has unmatched expertise in managing large scale mobility services. Shift Transit’s ultimate mission is to provide its clients with exceptional service, allowing our clients to focus on building their businesses to scale and achieving sustainability.

The Shift Transit Team

Edward (Eddie) Inlow – Chief Executive Officer

As Founder and CEO of Shift Transit, Eddie has 18 years of experience in management, strategy, and operations, including many within the mobility industry. Eddie founded Shift Transit because of his passion for urban mobility and desire to help stand-up best-in-class mobility systems. This drive and ability to execute has led to Shift’s expansion into seven different North American markets in less than four years, covering both the bikeshare and carshare segments.

Prior to founding Shift Transit, Eddie served as Chief Operating Officer of Motivate, directly overseeing 13 bikeshare systems across the globe, including Citibike in New York, Hubway in Boston, and Capital Bikeshare in Washington, DC. Eddie’s career in mobility began as the inaugural General Manager of the Chicago (Divvy) program, where he spearheaded the successful launch of the 3,000-bike system in 2013.

Prior to working in mobility, Eddie served as an executive in Accenture’s Retail Strategy and Operations practice, consulting large clients such as Best Buy and Ross Stores. Eddie also served as a member of the leadership team that brought Under Armour’s retail store concept to reality.

Eddie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from DePauw University and a Master in Business Administration from the University of Maryland.

Andrew Rosskamm – Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Rosskamm is Chief Financial Officer for Shift Transit and has spent the past three+ years helping grow the company from the ground up. Andrew helped plan the launch or transition of each of the seven programs that Shift currently operates and worked closely with each partner City or client to develop sustainable business models and pricing strategies that will help ensure their success over the long run. Andrew also helped develop the highly utilized and successful Access Pass subsidized membership program in Detroit and Tucson. He is thrilled that all seven of Shift’s programs are thriving financially, with four planned expansions in 2019.


Before joining the Shift Transit team, Andrew had more than 10 years of experience working in the financial services industry. He worked most recently as a derivatives trader for Susquehanna International Group, and previous to that, he helped manage over $100 billion in client accounts as a Portfolio Manager at Pacific Investment Management Company.


Living in Chicago, Andrew has seen the transformative powers shared mobility can have on an urban community and is eager to help bring sustainable programs to many more cities.


Andrew holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Swarthmore College and a Master in Business Administration from Harvard University.

Josh Moskowitz – Chief Operating Officer

Josh Moskowitz is Chief Operating Officer for Shift Transit. As COO, Josh is responsible for overseeing the company’s day-to-day operations, global business development, and brand marketing. Josh previously served as Shift Transit’s Head of Business Development and Strategy, spearheading Shift Transit’s expansion into three new markets with three new clients in less than a year.

Josh came to Shift with more than ten years of experience in the shared mobility industry, serving in a variety of different roles with leading bikesharing and carsharing organizations. Most recently, as Regional Director for car2go N.A., LLC., Josh was directly responsible for the operational and financial management of five car2go North American locations, as well as new market development in the Eastern Region of North America. During his time at car2go, Josh spearheaded the launch of seven new car2go markets, including Chicago, Montreal, and New York.

Prior to joining car2go, Josh served as Program Manager for the Capital Bikeshare program for the Washington DC Department of Transportation (DDOT). In this capacity, he oversaw Capital Bikeshare operations and business development, including vendor contract management and negotiations, system financing, and partnership outreach.  

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Josh received a B.A. in Political Science and Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Heili Toome – Vice President, Marketing

Heili Toome is the Vice President, Marketing, responsible for creating strategy, tactics and solutions to drive acquisition, growth and retention for our mobility partners. Heili Toome joined the Shift Transit team in March 2018 as Director of Marketing, focusing on building the Marketing department to help our partners develop their programs to deliver results. Heili has seen success by focusing on ridership growth and retention, forming strategic partnerships from key community organizations to influential media outlets, and creating scalable marketing programs that bear a foundation adaptable to various market demands and sizes. Heili works collaboratively with regional Shift Transit teams across North America to build and implement data driven marketing and creative communication plans.

In 2018 and 2019, Heili lead the execution of the Bike Share Toronto Free Ride Wednesday, sponsored by CAA, that delivered eight touch-points, from digital to point-of-purchase and on-street activation, alongside the top 5 highest ridership days in the program’s 8 year history. While 2018 started the trend with record breaking ridership on Free Ride Wednesday, 2019 delivered a 77% increase in ridership YoY, coupled with new member growth post free days.

For more than 14 years, Heili has been driven by a passion for building brands, alongside developing and fostering strategic partnerships . While starting her career in Toronto sculpting sponsorship and experiential programs at Ticketmaster and Live Nation Entertainment within North America, she spent the last years working on a global scale. In 2011 Heili found herself shifting gears into the hardware and technology space, while living in Sweden, working with start up companies, looking to expand local brands onto a global scale.

Heili holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing Management from the University of Guelph as well as additional training in Project Management, Digital Publishing and Digital Marketing, but still believes that life’s experiences teaches the best lessons.

Rebecca Quinn – Senior Director of Operations

Rebecca Quinn serves as the Senior Director of Operations for Shift Transit. During her time with the company, she has been directly responsible for overseeing all operational facets of service launches and transitions, including hardware and software implementation, hiring, vehicle purchasing/ leasing and facility sourcing. In addition, Rebecca manages operations for all of the company’s U.S. business units, leading Shift Transit to meet or exceed all of its contractual obligations, ensuring outstanding customer satisfaction rates and financial sustainability in each of its locations.


Previously, Rebecca was a trailblazer in the outdoor recreation rental industry in Southeast Michigan, founding Simple Adventures and growing the company to over 10 locations, servicing both the public and private sectors. She was also the Director of Training and Development with Northwestern Mutual.


Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science from Wayne State University and a Master of Business Administration from Saint Leo University.

Benjamin Henning – Director of Special Projects

Benjamin joined the Shift Transit team in April 2017, taking on the role of General Manager, Bike Share Toronto, after Shift Transit was awarded the contract to manage and market the system. With less than 60 days to prepare, Ben played an integral role in the flawless system takeover, quickly making significant investments in the program, doubling the staff and optimizing operational processes. Benjamin has led the charge through two expansions, almost doubling the size of the system, and driving ridership 130% between 2016 and 2018.


Prior to his role with Shift Transit, Benjamin was the Director of Retail for Under Armour, where he launched the Retail Division for the iconic brand and opened the first B2C retail locations in the U.S.. With 20+ years in the retail space working for brands such as Apple, Fjällräven and Victorinox, Benjamin is known for driving significant growth in revenues and business expansion by implementing multiple innovative sales plans designed to increase consumer awareness, take advantage of untapped revenue streams, and increase market shares across all product categories.

Omari Colen – Regional General Manager, Midwest

Omari Colen is the Regional General Manager of the Midwest with 14 years of experience in operations management. A native of the Detroit area, Omari joined the Shift team in late 2016 to oversee the launch of the highly successful MoGo Detroit Bike Share program. In this role, he oversees day-to-day operations of the system, expansion planning, and Shift’s relationship with the City of Detroit and MoGo Detroit Bike Share. He is also responsible for overseeing the re-launch and management of the Ann Arbor bikeshare program.


Prior to joining the Shift team, Omari worked at the Chicago Transit Authority, where he served in various capacities, including Senior Manager of Transit System Safety. In this role he was responsible for the safety and maintenance of 1,900 buses, 1,500 rail cars, 224 miles of rail track and 145 train stations. Before moving to CTA, Omari worked as an Operations Manager for Union Pacific Railroad.


Omari holds a Bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University in Industrial Management with a Minor in Industrial Safety.

Monica Wejman – General Manager, Bike Share Toronto

Monica is a well-rounded business professional who is passionate about the world of alternative mobility and no stranger to the space. A Toronto native, Monica started with Zipcar in 2013, successfully delivering a solid member growth strategy that delivered record breaking acquisition numbers for the Toronto market. Following, Monica was tasked with launching Zipcar in Detroit, Motor City late 2013. Through strategic partnerships, operational excellence and a focus on exceptional customer experience, Detroiters quickly adopted the concept of car sharing. By the end of her tenure with Zipcar in early 2017, Monica was overseeing all business operations for Zipcar across Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin & Minnesota.

Monica Wejman joined the Shift Transit team in mid 2019 taking on the position of General Manager, Bike Share Toronto. An organic passion for the mission of bike share, Monica was a Bike Share Toronto member before coming onboard and relies on alternative forms of mobility to support her vehicle free lifestyle. In her position, Monica is leading a team of mobility professionals to deliver an exceptional service for the client.

Nick Grzebienik – Regional General Manager, Southwest

Nick is the Regional General Manager of the Southwest, with years of experience in operations and management. After joining the Shift Transit team in late 2017, Nick helped launch the Tugo Bike Share program in Tucson, Arizona. Nick leads the local team and directly oversees the program’s operations, bike maintenance, software and hard implementation, and sales and sponsorship execution. In early 2019, Nick successfully oversaw the seamless transition of Shift’s takeover of car2go operations in Austin, Texas.


Prior to joining the Shift team, Nick held various roles in management positions, ranging from oversight of a country club in Detroit, Michigan to managing shipment processing for an international shipping company. Nick also has experience in the finance industry, working in the banking and consumer product sector.


Nick holds a Master’s degree in Applied Statistics, and Bachelor’s degrees in Finance, and Business Analytics, both from Bowling Green State University.

Joannah Burkhardt – General Manager, Bike Chattanooga

Joannah Burkhardt is the General Manager of the Bike Chattanooga bikeshare system. Joannah helped launch Chattanooga’s bikeshare system in 2012, starting as the Marketing Manager and quickly moving into the General Manager position. During her time with Bike Chattanooga, she has overseen a 30% increase in the size of the system and enhanced Shift Transit’s presence in the city by executing and participating in multiple community events. In addition, Joannah oversaw an extremely successful electric bike pilot program that allowed members to ride PBSC e-bikes for the first time in North America. The program was such a success that Chattanooga will be expanding its e-bike footprint by 165% in 2019. Joannah’s knowledge of Bike Share has played a vital role in Chattanooga’s continued success and future expansion.


Previously, Joannah worked as a Fundraising Coordinator for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, where she coordinated fundraising programs and special events for all regional programs including the local “Jerry Lewis Telethon,” recruited volunteers, and led corporate sponsor development. She was also a part of Redbull’s Mobile Energy Team.


Joannah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications & Public Relations from Lee University and a Master of Education from University of TN Chattanooga.

Suzette (Suzy) Parchem – General Manager, Chicago

Suzy Parchem is General Manager of Shift Transit’s carsharing operations in Chicago. Suzy brings 14 years of comprehensive experience in retail customer service and operations, including most recently managing a family business.


In Chicago, Suzy is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a fleet of 400 car2go vehicles, including refuelling, rebalancing, maintenance, KPI strategy, hardware and software implementations alongside managing a staff of 10 employees. She has also been instrumental in creating a citation mitigation plan and strategy that has resulted in significant savings for car2go. Further, Suzy leveraged her experience with assisting Shift Transit in the seamless transition of the Austin car2go operations in early 2019.


Suzy holds a Bachelor of Arts from National Louis University in Chicago. She has additional training from both FEMA and Michigan State in Leadership, Decision Making, Problem Solving, and Emergency Management.

Our Philosophy

Shift Transit is riding at the forefront of a movement; a movement towards a more efficient, sustainable and active way to navigate our cities. As the leading provider in mobility operations and management in North America, success depends on all of us – the leaders of the movement – to inspire our communities and to represent the building blocks that make up the Shift Transit family.



We are committed to driving success through smart choices, sharing expertise and reciprocating the utmost respect. We are loyal to our team members and trust that we’ve got each other’s backs no matter what.




We are a movement that is positively transforming the operating rhythm of a city. We remain humble and genuinely open to candid feedback that will aid in our commitment to enhance the communities we serve.




We are committed to delivering a world class customer experience through flawless execution, attention to detail, community engagement, cycling advocacy, sustainable mobility systems and serving our customers at the highest level. We are focused on solution-based problem solving and delivery.




Our team is committed to building the most successful mobility services in North America. This mission cannot be achieved without 100% belief that we are the leaders of this movement towards a more sustainable, efficient and active means of transportation. Pure passion is what will fuel the ride to achieve our mission.




There is something infectious about a genuine smile. We are committed to staying positive, always finding that silver lining and coming together as a team to create a better outcome, no matter what it takes.




We are here to execute our commitment and to achieve success. We are here because we are passionate about the mission and the potential of this movement. Most importantly, we are here because we love what we do, and without a doubt, we are committed to having fun while doing it!


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