Premiere Bike Station Operator - HUB312

Powering Chicago's Mobility Hub

Shift Transit oversees the day-to-day management of Chicago’s mobility marquee – HUB312 . Located in the heart of Millennium Park, HUB312 offers Chicago bike commuters a full-service suite of amenities, including more than 430 parking spaces, 240 lockers, showers and on-site repair services. Members have access to a team of expert bike mechanics able to conduct bike safety checks, basic and full-service tune-ups, as well as more advanced repairs.

In addition, we offer a fleet of bikes for rentals and tours to visitors seeking to check out the city’s historic landmarks and destinations on two wheels.

Trusted City Partner

After a competitive RFP process, Shift Transit was awarded the contract to manage HUB312 by the City of Chicago in May 2021. Working collaboratively and providing best-in-class service to our city partners is a core company tenet and one of the major reasons why we were selected to oversee this critical piece of Chicago’s transportation ecosystem.

In conjunction with our City partners, Shift Transit introduced new membership packages, revitalized the space, and is making a significant marketing investment to grow awareness and promote the service to community members outside of the downtown core.

Stalwart Supporters of Mobility Equity Initiatives

As long-time leaders in creating innovative approaches to ensuring all city residents have access to our services, Shift Transit offers a $5 Chicago-For-All Access Pass to those residents receiving SNAP benefits. The equity pass offers all of the same benefits as the standard monthly membership, including bike parking, locker access, showers, and repair services. Working with local community organizations and advocacy groups, we have canvassed numerous Chicago neighborhoods to raise awareness and educate residents of these different communities about the benefits of this marquee mobility hub and look forward to growing HUB312’s membership base across the city.

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