Shift Transit provides cities with a unique one-stop solution offering turnkey delivery, bikes, stations, software, station siting and planning, marketing, sponsorship procurement and minute-to-minute system operations.

Shift Transit currently operates the MoGo Bike Share program in Detroit, Michigan, and the Bike Share Toronto program in Toronto, Ontario. With tens of thousands of completed rides in 2017 alone, Shift Transit is well positioned to keep up with the demand of thousands of riders a day and deliver an excellent customer experience.

Tuscon AZ

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Shift Transit launched the MoGo Detroit Bike Share program on May 23rd, 2017 with 43 stations and 430 bicycles. Shift Transit drives all aspects of the day to day operations of the system…

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Bike Share Toronto

Shift Transit currently operates the 200 station, 2000 Bike Share Toronto system. With over 32 local employees and two operations facilities, Shift Transits drives…

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